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We're Stevie & Alex and this is us celebrating Jeff and the Squirrel's 2nd birthday in 2022!

Jeff and the Squirrel was born in March 2020 after Stevie's wedding photography business pretty much closed overnight (oh hi Rona!). Running a stationery business was always something Stevie wanted to do but there was just never any time. Cue the lockdown and all of a sudden there was ALL the time. It started with just a handful of greeting cards on Etsy.

The business grew quickly and in October 2020 Alex joined to help with the sticker printing, packing, customer service, coffee making and just general calming vibes. We're now stocked in over 100 zero waste stores, plant shops, cafe's and indie gift shops across the UK, Ireland and the US. Everything in the shop is designed by Stevie and if you ever message us on social media it'll be Stevie you're talking to! :)

When we're not working on the business you can find us stroking the street cats, playing crazy golf, stuffing our faces with vegan food or booking our next holiday.


Jeff and "Squirrel" are our furry babies! Jeff is a 6.5kg whingey floof (or just a huge bear to be fair). He loves boxes, belly rubs, drinking from the tap and laying in the sunshine. Georgia is a tiny chirpy thing who gets the zoomies four times a day. We rescued her from a local charity when she was around 6 months old, after she was taken in as feral. She loves winding Jeff up, eating, playing and licking doors. She walks around with her tail bent over her back, hence the name Squirrel!

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