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I am the face behind Jeff and the Squirrel, as well as the designer, the researcher, the content creator, the accountant, the order packer and the post office runner... okay, okay, sometimes my other half, Alex does the post office runs!

Jeff and the Squirrel was born during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 as my wedding photography business had essentially been shut down overnight. I'd wanted a stationery business for a couple of years leading up to it but never found the time. Honestly, sometimes I think lockdown was a blessing in disguise!

When I'm not designing new products or creating content, I can be found with a decaff soya latte in my hand (yep, I'm one of those.. VEGANS hahah) raving to some EDM tunes! I love festivals, sunset walks and making friends with animals. I'm also a serial plant hoarder... say hello to Mr Yucca!


Jeff and "Squirrel" are my furry babies! Jeff is a 6.5kg whingey floof (or just a huge bear to be fair). He loves boxes, belly rubs, drinking from the tap and laying in the sunshine. Georgia is a tiny chirpy thing who gets the zoomies four times a day. We rescued her from a local charity when she was around 6 months old, after she was taken in as feral. She loves winding Jeff up, eating, playing and licking doors. She walks around with her tail bent over her back, hence the name Squirrel!

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